MP Mosaic

Easy, Simple, Fast

MP Mosaic
MP Mosaic
MP Mosaic

70% Installation time reduction.

The Modul Panel has always been working with composite materials for hi-tech applications with the aim to create more innovative products in the field of traditional and prefabricated building. The panel system MP MOSAIC substantially simplifies the application of the mosaic that has always been considered a high quality product with the label of a material of elite expensive and complicated due to its application and installation; thanks to our idea to produce panels with the MP System, we can substantially simplify the implementation of the mosaic and ensure at the same time an homogeneous laying and great quality. With our system MP MOSAIC the time for application of the mosaic decreased about 70% compared to traditional systems, just observe few rules and you will get an excellent job without having the need to use skilled labor.

Easy, Fast, Simple

It is important to remember that the words “EASY, FAST, SIMPLE” we use to emphasize our mosaic panel do not affect in any way the quality of our system which is guaranteed by a constant quality control during all phases of theproduction process. The MP MOSAIC panels are flexible and easily adaptable to any shape and surface to be coated. Thanks to the materials and construction technologies used the mosaic panel is totally waterproof and is not affected in any way by moisture even in case of prolonged storage. It should also be noted that with the MP System we guarantee a perfect bonding to any anchoring surface of the panel that is perfectly flat and smooth and therefore adaptable to many types of glue, practically with our system to apply the mosaic panel will be how to apply a wallpaper.

The materials and the technologies we use to set the mosaic to our support avoid definitively the phenomenon of frequent detachment of tiles very much present in cases of application and posing with traditional systems. MP MOSAIC is a suitable material to cover swimming pools, bathrooms and showers, spas, bars, clubs, stores, areas on cruise ships, coating or renovation of existing pools, pasting the same on various materials (sheets, concrete, fiberglass, tiles, etc..). Thanks to our MP MOSAIC system we foresee a greater approach to the use of the mosaic, with which it is possibile to create many types of coating.

Applicable Solutions

  • Floor and walls coating
  • Bathrooms and kitchens
  • Wellness centers
  • Coating of pools
  • Turkish bath and Hamman
  • Interior design
  • Business accomodations

Technical Advantages

  • Rapid installation (reducing time of about 70% in comparison to traditional systems)
  • Very light to carry
  • Easy to install
  • Flexibility and adaptation to curved surfaces
  • Guaranteed waterproof
  • Guaranteed fixing of the tiles
  • Excellent aesthetic finish

Economic Benefits

  • Certain costs
  • Great value for money
  • Reduction of costs for installation
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