Elegance and evolution

Elegance and evolution

Elegance and evolution
Elegance and evolution
Elegance and evolution

Elegance, refinement and quality coupled with the ease and speed of installation.

With the creation of the MP STONE panel Modul Panel once again wanted to create the symbiosis that exists between elegance, sophistication, and quality combined with the ease and speed of installation making it a unique and exclusive product.The MP STONE panel is composed of natural stone pebbles of various sizes and colors, which always manages to enhance any environment in which it is laid, both internal and external. The spaces in which it appears will embellish whether floor or wall coverings; one of the objectives of modulpanel is to fulfill in a single solution all the expectations of our customers. MP STONE is an element of natural design and provide an exciting aesthetic touch. With the application of our panels is obtained a wonderful final result without visibility of the joints between an element and the other with the effect of a carpet of infinite.

Perfect aesthetic effect, applicable to all

With MP STONE it is actually proposed a simple and fast system to install at the same time, in order to revolutionize the methods and reduce the costs of traditional installation of construction-related materials, both conventional and prefabricated understood as restructuring, in fact the Modul Panel has designed panels rolls of natural stones that, besides being a unique and exclusive product, guarantee an impeccable aesthetic effect and permit their application to anyone who also wants to try to coat important surfaces such as facades,floors or wall coverings, without the need for skilled labor.

Applicable Solutions

  • Floors and walls both internal and external
  • Renovations (application on top of existing coatings)
  • Home decoration (bathrooms, kitchens, etc.)
  • Pools and surrounding environments
  • Saunas, Wellness Centers
  • Shopping Malls
  • Hotel and Residence
  • Naval equipment
  • Landscape and Urban design

Technical Advantages

  • 100% Natural Stone
  • Excellent resistance to frost
  • Excellent resistance to abrasion
  • Resistance to Heavy Loads
  • R11 Certification, wet environments and swimming pools
  • Ease of installation does not require skilled labora
  • Rapid installation
  • Certain costs and Only One Supplier
  • Immediately Walkable
  • Easy management on site
  • Precision in details
  • Guaranteed quality


All our MP STONE panels are certified non-slip R11 and are suitable for application in wetlands and with a strong presence of water (swimming pools, saunas, outdoor flooring, etc..).

certificazione stone
Information pursuant to the EU Regulation 2016/679 of 25 May 2018.

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