Prefabricated bathrooms

The prefabricated bathroom is a quick tool for installation and assembly, with an elegant appearance and above all a safe structure. The Modulpanel designs and manufactures prefabricated bathrooms are designed according to the law and they meet all the fundamental requirements that make it a flexible, adaptable, modular and suitable instrument for any healthcare solution.

Prefabricated bathrooms for RSA

Why use prefabricated toilets in the RSA?

The materials used in the prefabricated bathrooms gives quality and guarantee, in conjunction with the strength of the structure in galvanized steel profiles which provides strength while maintaining the light bath cell and conforms to the structures modern building, in which they are mounted.

The advantages of a prefabricated bathroom compared to a classic bathroom are manifold, including:

  • low costs
  • quick installation and assembly
  • customized design of dimensions and spaces
  • personalization and quality of the materials
  • organization of the hygienic-sanitary elements
  • The modulpanel off site building bathroom

    The bathroom cells are custom designed , to meet particular needs based on the rooms in question. The modular and pre-assembled structure allows easier and faster maintenance. The products used guarantee a high quality level , for a longer duration and

    Prefabricated bathrooms with TSP panel

    A prefabricated bathroom is designed according to construction and functional standards. Assembly is quick, keeping a low cost and fast delivery times. The made-to-measure complete bathroom cells are suitable for:

    • for RSA
    • for hospitals
    • for hotels
    • for apartments and residences
    • for students
    • for retirement homes
    • for labor camps
    • for the disabled
    • for senior housing
    • for social housing
    • Prefabricated systems for renovation of bathrooms and kitchens

      The prefabricated systems are also applicable in the renovation of bathrooms and kitchens, both for apartments and for public places. The monolithic structure of the bath cell guarantees a safe and compact product.

      The organization of the interior spaces allows simple and effective cleaning. Constantly looking for solutions to solve the classic problems of a classic bathroom. Thanks to the pre-assembled elements, they allow a more efficient use of the spaces by exploiting the dimensions of the modules that can be installed according to requirements.

      Prefabricated bathrooms for apartments and residences

      The technology used for the structure makes it reliable and adaptable to every need, equipped with all the classic comforts that make it suitable for any building or premises.

      The evolution is always in step with scientific discoveries and research achievements in the field of performance, consumption, high performance, quality materials, cutting-edge techniques and an elegant design that make prefabricated products accessible to anyone and in any situation.

      Prefabricated bathrooms and kitchens

      The careful design of the prefabricated bathroom makes it the best solution for hospitals and elderly care centers (RSA) .

      During the hospital design with prefabricated bathrooms , the location of the spaces intended for sanitation is crucial. The prefabricated system for the bathroom and kitchen takes full advantage of the concept of “optimal organization”, allowing you to install the prefabricated components without incurring defects

      The guarantee supported by the certifications acquired over time with works that have made the building experience a refined art.

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